Sumac Technology



Sumac Technology is a high-tech company that produces electronic components for monitors that required a new brand identity. An important challenge of this branding was to communicate to the audience a sense of advance and progressive business due to the technology essence of the company. To achieve this result the logo was inspired by traditional electronic circuit boards. This was accomplished by using a simple geometric octagon, filled with a hexagon pattern, overlaid with green (circuits board’s colour) lines ending in circles (circuits). The shape of the logo also implements the letter ‘S’ in order to make an easy and fast connection to the Sumac Technology’s name. The dark background and minimalist design are also employed to convey a high technology impression.

Restaurant Le Braci



Le Braci is an Italian restaurant with the peculiarity of baking the meat on fire embers like in the old traditional cuisine. In fact, the name ‘Braci’ was chosen because it is the Italian translation of ‘embers’. The branding was approached blending a traditional and modern design together. To achieve this result, the classic element of the logo was created with a script font on the letters ‘Le’ and the contemporary piece with a minimalist font on the word ‘Braci’. In the letter ‘L’ of the logo has been used the colours green, white and red in order to recognize that it is an Italian restaurant. The plain black background helps to focus the attention on the details of the logo rather than be a distraction. The reason for this branding choices was to show that the restaurant implements the traditional cosine but at the same time modernize it.

Ristorante Corte Poli



Corte Poli is an Italian restaurant located in Verona, Italy. It is a well-known restaurant in the area, and I collaborated with them shooting pictures and making their new website. The photography focuses on the details of the restaurant with artistic effect in other to develop emotions to the viewer. Corte Poli also has a Bed and Breakfast adjacent to the restaurant, and a soccer field in their park.
For the customer was also created a new website to increase the visibility of the business and to give it a more modern image.

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SIPMU is a new Italian organization
of hypnosis and medicine.
The acronyms, translated in
Eglish, stand for Italian Scientific
Society of Clinical Hypnosis in
Psychotherapy and Umaniscic
Because of the topics that this
organization covers and because
the members are doctors and
psychologists, the logo had to
implement all of these characteristics.
The logo starts its shape from
the greek’s letter psi that represents
the psychologists; the
snake represents the doctors;
and the two faces hypnosis.
For this association, I also make
a custom website to allow them
to share their information, publications
and get inquiries for new
member of the organization.

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Museum event

(Postcards Bauhaus style)


This series of postcards was designed to promote the Fuse event at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The design is inspired by the Bauhouse movement through the use of simple geometric shapes and bright colors like red, yellow, blue and green. The choice to implement the text on a diagonal was made to give a more dynamic feel. A peculiarity of these postcards is the continuation of the illustrations from the front to the back side.

'60 cars Posters



The interest that I have for cars inspired me to create this collection of posters. The subjects are some of the most iconic cars from the '60. The style chose is clean and minimalistic to accentuate the shapes and silhouettes of these timeless cars icons.

Electronic brain collection

(Set of books design)


Electronic brain collection is a special edition of a set of books written by Isaac Asimov. In the sci-fi genre this author is well-known particularity, for the often use of robots and AI. Because of this recurrent theme, the design for the book’s covers has been inspired by technology. The lettering was made customizing an existing font in order to recall circuits board. Furthermore, in some letters “o” has been implemented the drawing of a neuron to evoke the blurry line between humans and AI that is present in those books.

A Brief History of Design

(Poster campaign)


A Brief History of Design is a campaign of advertising’s posters for a product. The product chosen for the campaign is the Italian wine Costasera by the winery Masi. In the specific, every poster was created using different styles of different times. The cover of this project is based on the Digital Age and is inspired by Shigeo Fukuda works. The font was customized with colours to be coordinated with the bottle’s illustration.

second life pamphlet



This pamphlet was designed to
promote 3D printers and was
based on the information of an
article written by Amy O’Leary and
published on The New York Times
in 2013. Two important aspects
of this project were to design the
brochure as eco-friendly as possible
and, to give it a second life. In
this case, using a partially recycled
paper and adopting only one
colour in different tints, reduces
the environmental impact of
printing. For the second life of the
product, has been created a decorative
poster on the back side
of the pamphlet. This function is
important to extend the lifespan
of the product reducing waste.
The use of a series of graphs
and illustrations is also helping
the readers to obtain information
quicker and easier. For a more engaging
experience for the reader,
the pamphlet is folded in a unique
way. Opening it following the
numbers from 1 to 4 gives a nice
flow to the information making the
product more interesting.

Rebuilding Iraq Campaign

(Posters design)


This series of posters were created to raise awareness of the situation in Iraq for the International Rescue Committee, an organization that helps disadvantaged people all around the world. The message is to encourage North Americans to help the Iraqi people in rebuilding their infrastructures. The following posters show the shapes of warfare equipment like a rifle, a bomb and a drone made using constructions tools. The concept is to display the transition from the war to rebuild Iraq, the weapons used to destroy are visualized from the tools used to rebuild. The cardboard texture is symbolic on two levels. It is used for shipping products, a sign of rebuilding. Also representative of corrugation, seen trough slums around the world. These conditions are dramatic and are important to raise awareness in first world countries that can help those populations.

The Downturn

(Skateboard/Products design)


The main focus of the design for the skateboards is the dummy's head that is normally used for crash tests. This theme was picked due to the many injuries that can occur skateboarding making an iconic design. Also, the name Downturn emphasizes this aspect of falling. The illustration has a simple design and the font's choice give a more grunge effect.

Team Coordinator



Team Coordinator is an app
designed to help to coordinate
the work in a team. Sometimes it
could be challenging to organize
the work in a group, particularly
when using multiple apps or programs
at the same time. To solve
this problem, Team Coordinator
has a series of features that
includes a calendar, a To Do List,
a chat and file sharing. All of
these elements in just one app
make the work more practical
and increase productivity for
the users. The app has a simple
design in other to be clear and
easy to use since the first time.
The dark theme was chosen
to give a modern appearance
and also, to reduce eyes strain
during a long period of use.

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